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Welcome to this site,

My name is Michael Wojtas. Since for many years I have to do with computer graphics and website design, I've finally decided to offer my services in this area.

I have been designing websites for ten years. Such time has passed since I have made my first web page. From that time I've realized quite a lot of projects. At the begining I worked only for volountary organizations and website design was only my hobby. Actually I have a five-year experience in website designing and programming. The set of my achievments in this area can be found in my portfolio, where I put example works of websites, logos and layouts I made.

Michael Wojtas - Website design, Webdesign, Computer graphics

Now I'm 26 and I'm finishing my studies at the Medical University of Warsaw. I have a lot of great ideas, good sense of aesthetics (and humor) and talent to look at a site from visitor's eyes. That's why websites, I've made, attract visitors' attention.

Beside websites and computer graphics, I have also other interests – from music composing through belles-lettres to history of Ancient East. And (as mentioned before) I'm finishing medical studies, so I may become the first in a world physician-programmer :). All my works in theese fields can be found on page Hobby. If you only try to find the best way to contact me, go forward to contact page.

Michael Wojtas

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